About Us

The way businesses server their customers is changing. Clients demand faster and more efficient processes whilst maintaining the same high standard of services.

At Calbot we help groups and teams of people serve their clients better by helping them with their scheduling needs whilst also protecting their time.

Improve Your Organisation's Efficiency

Calbot helps organisations schedule meetings without back-and-forth emails.

Drive your organisation to success with Calbot's meeting scheduler by enabling employees and teams within your organisation to quickly and instantly find a meeting time with external groups of people.​
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A Meeting Scheduler Built For Businesses

Provide your team with a better way to schedule meetings with their clients, partners and other stakeholders.

A Perfect Solution to Help You Serve Your Clients

From scheduling simple catch-ups to large external group meetings, help all types of businesses operate more efficiently.

Our awards and recognitions

Startup of the Year

This award celebrates the hard work and success of tech and digital start-ups in Leeds and the city region who have shown the best innovations and company growth.

Top Tech Yorkshire

"Calbot is a great solution to automate appointment setting across multiple users in different organisations. Potentially a platform to rival Skype's global adoption."

Insider's Most Exciting Companies

This award recognises businesses which will one day become household names.

Node by Slush UK's Best Tech Talent

UK has a vibrant tech scene and some of the most innovative companies. This is a batch of a carefully selected startups and scaleups that represent the best tech talent and sectoral expertise across the UK.

A Meeting Scheduler for Busy Professionals

Provide your clients with a simple, streamlined and a fully-integrated process of booking your employees and teams for meetings to help your firm serve your clients better.