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An easy solution for all your meetings.

Improve Your Organisation's Efficiency

Easily schedule meetings with internal and external guests

One-on-One Meetings

Strengthening relationships with clients, partners and individual team members is a key to success in every relationship-driven business.

Team Meetings with Clients

Drive your business to success and impress your clients with professionalism by quickly finding the best time for your internal teams to meet them.

Meetings with External Groups

Work collaboratively with existing suppliers, clients and partners by quickly finding the time to meet all external groups together at a convenient time.

Website Leads Capture

Ensure the longevity of your business and keep your pipeline busy by putting lead capture and discovery meetings on autopilot.

Email Signature Scheduling

Manage your teams' time effectively by enabling your guests to book meetings with them directly from their email signature.

Help Your Business Win!

Calbot is trusted by meeting scheduler for a wide-range of sectors all across the world.
Integrate With Your Existing Tech Stack

Simple integrations into existing calendars and environments

All Calendars Conferencing Tools

Apple iCloud

Integrate your Apple iCloud calendar with Calbot to account for your availability

Google Calendar

Integrate you Google Calendars to account for your personal, family and work commitments.

Google Workspace

Connect your Google Workspace (G Suite) to account for your work and company schedules

Microsoft Exchange

Calbot support an integration with a Microsoft Exchange server

Microsoft Office 365

Integrate Calbot with your Office 365 account for easier and simpler scheduling across firms

Microsoft Outlook

Connect your Outlook or accounts to schedule meetings with those calendars

Microsoft Teams

Connect your Microsoft Teams account to schedule video conferences instantly in Calbot


Enable an integration with your phone to easily schedule phone calls with Calbot

Self-Hosted Exchange

Integrate Calbot with your own self-hosted Microsoft Exchange Server


Integrating Whereby with Calbot will enable you to instantly schedule video calls there


Zoom integration will automatically add a video meeting link to your event

A Meeting Scheduler for Busy Professionals

Provide your clients with a simple, streamlined and a fully-integrated process of booking your employees and teams for meetings to help your firm serve your clients better.

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“Scheduling meetings with Calbot is a breeze. I just select my guests, set duration and click invite. It is very easy and simple.”

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