Calbot Features

Schedule meeting with your clients, partners and external stakeholders in seconds and without email ping-pong.

Scheduling screen

Instantly view mutually available time gaps

Eliminate all email ping-pong when scheduling meetings and instantly view the gaps that work for entire groups of people in your network.
Privacy and security

Keep your calendar private

You won't be able to view what other people are busy with and other people won't be able to see what you are busy with. Calbot only looks at the gaps that work for everyone.
Deep work

Limit the number of meetings you have

Having too many meetings can be unproductive and reduce the amount of deep work that you do. With Calbot you can set a daily and weekly limit on the number of meetings you can have.
Supercharge your business

Features for power-users


Schedule meetings without worrying about timezones

Connect unlimited calendars

Integrate work, personal and family calendars to account for all availability

Meeting templates

Choose from a selection of existing meeting templates to start scheduling right away

Add your own branding

Add your own branding to personalise the scheduling experience for your guests
Scheduling for productive teams

On-behalf scheduling

Save time and serve your customers better by quickly scheduling an expert or a team on their behalf whilst taking into account their scheduling preferences

Powerful organisation and team management features

Quickly deploy and manage standardised meeting templates, locations and conferencing tools across different teams and departments of the company with intuitive administrative features

A Meeting Scheduler for Busy Professionals

Provide your clients with a simple, streamlined and a fully-integrated process of booking your employees and teams for meetings to help your firm serve your clients better.

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“Scheduling meetings with Calbot is a breeze. I just select my guests, set duration and click invite. It is very easy and simple.”

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