Verified and Approved Integrations

Integrate Calbot with your enterprise software stack

All Calendars Conferencing Tools

Apple iCloud

Integrate your Apple iCloud calendar with Calbot to account for your availability

Google Calendar

Integrate you Google Calendars to account for your personal, family and work commitments.

Google Workspace

Connect your Google Workspace (G Suite) to account for your work and company schedules

Microsoft Exchange

Calbot support an integration with a Microsoft Exchange server

Microsoft Office 365

Integrate Calbot with your Office 365 account for easier and simpler scheduling across firms

Microsoft Outlook

Connect your Outlook or accounts to schedule meetings with those calendars

Microsoft Teams

Connect your Microsoft Teams account to schedule video conferences instantly in Calbot


Enable an integration with your phone to easily schedule phone calls with Calbot

Self-Hosted Exchange

Integrate Calbot with your own self-hosted Microsoft Exchange Server


Integrating Whereby with Calbot will enable you to instantly schedule video calls there


Zoom integration will automatically add a video meeting link to your event
Help Your Business Succeed

Our technology help you serve your customers better and improve employee experience

Calbot has been helping people around the world schedule their meetings better. As a company focused on enterprise meeting scheduling we pride ourselves with a range of verified integrations we offer our customers.

Different firms have different technology stacks and different operational environments. Calbot relies on open and secure API provided by leading calendar service providers, such as Google, Microsoft and Apple to offer a broad range of integrations that are capable of working in any enterprise environment.

Our agile approach enables us to cover a large number of different services whilst maintaining a strict and secure environment to protect our customer’s data. Our experienced specialist technology team is constantly monitoring threats and helping our customers integrate Calbot in their environments more effectively.

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"Calbot is a great solution to automate appointment setting across multiple users in different organisations. Potentially a platform to rival Skype's global adoption."

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Drive your organisation to success with Calbot’s meeting scheduler by enabling employees and teams within your organisation to quickly and instantly find a meeting time with external groups of people.​